Together with our Partner we find shopping centres in secondary and tertiary eastern seaboard markets, trading at 8.5-10 CAP rates with a strong preference for grocery-anchored or market dominant centers.We acquire both on- and off-market properties which meet a clearly defined set of acquisition criteria. This disciplined methodology generates increased revenues, net operating income, growth and consistent above average risk adjusted returns with monthly distributions to investors that increase overtime.

Investment Philosophy

The asset manager is guided by a disciplined investment philosophy and process that utilizes proactive sourcing, evaluation, and decision making strategies to increase the velocity and volume of purchase offers in order to achieve its acquisition goals. He acquires shopping centers with a market value of $5 to $20 million in stabilized markets that generate steady income, offer capital appreciation and possess excellent tax advantaged returns with corresponding low risk and volatility for investors.

He is well positioned to source value real estate assets, given its vast network of relationships with partners, principals, brokers, and financial institutions with a goal to build a well balanced portfolio of 3,000,000 square feet of shopping centers in strategic locations across the United States. He owns and operates properties with a value of > 1 bn US$ 


The company seeks to provide best in class property management services for tenants in centers under their supervision.  He always acts like an owner because he is the owner.  He takes pride in his centers, from their appearance to the success of the businesses they house.  He works hand-in-hand with the local community,  existing and prospective tenants in order to create a collaborative environment to enhance customer experience thus center performance.


Target IRR: +/- 15 % to Limited Partners
Preffered Return: 8 % Pari Passu
Target Current CAP: +/- 9 %
Target Stabalized CAP: +/- 10-11 %
Proposed Leverage: 75 %
Targeted Investment:  Class B assets in A and B areas
Target Region: Secondary and tertiary eastern seeboard markets with an emphasis on grocery anchored centers within a specific trade area and cities with high barriers to entry
Distributions:                            8 % Preferred Return and 25 % Promote Fee above 8 %

The Manager will invest a minimum of 10 % of the total equity capitalizaion required for each acquisition


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