As part of his Bachelor Studies, Max is writing a paper on Initial Coin Offerings [ICO], an innovative funding instrument that is used in decentralized organisations that run ontop of a blockchain infrastructure. In exchange for the funds, contributors recieve a token which can be programmed to have a specific functions and are thus highly flexible in their use case.

The paper lays out how ICOs can be structured to finance a photovoltaic power plant, focusing on the token structure and economics.

The current version is a first draft and further research will be done on the topic. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please contact us.


An Introduction to Initial Coin Offerings in Project Finance
Blockchain technology companies have utilized Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) to raise early stage venture capital from investors around the globe while simultaneously building a strong community around the project. The coins created can be programmed in a variety of use cases and could represent equity, debt or a form of service.
Projects rely on their cash flow to repay the investors and are an integral part in providing services to the community. Project Finance is thus important to build infrastructure, electric power plants or other essential utilities.
This paper analyzes strategies to fund such projects through ICOs on a case study of a one-megawatt Photo-voltaic power plant.
An Introduction to Initial Coin Offering[...]
PDF-Dokument [753.5 KB]


We are currently in the early steps of conducting an ICO for a photovoltaik project.
A detailed White Paper will follow soon.


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